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Friday, May 25, 2012

She can see!

Just under a year ago, I took little miss 3 to our general practitioner with some concerns over her eyes. They didn't seem to move together and when she was focusing on something, they would both move out of sync. The doctor dismissed it as she passed both of her tests but having that mummy instinct, I took her back a few weeks later insisting something was wrong. Again she passed both tests but a referral to the eye specialists at the Royal Children's hospital was made.

We waited 6 months to be seen and when the appointment finally rolled around, it was made clear something was wrong and surgery was scheduled on both eyes. Miss 3 was diagnosed with a condition called Strabismus. It basically means her eyes aren't aligned together (as seen in the above picture)

So on Thursday May 10 2012, she was admitted to the Brisbane Royal Children's Hospital to have the surgery. I can honestly say I have never, EVER been so scared, apprehensive or felt so helpless in my life. To think that my little girls sight lay in the hands of people I didn't know was awful.

When the surgery had finished and I was allowed to see her in recovery, she opened her eyes slightly and she said 'Mummy'. She could see me! The relief and happiness felt at that moment was incredible.

Two weeks later and she is doing brilliantly. You would never believe she had had major surgery. The surgeon did say at the follow up appointment that she may need some more surgery in the near future but for the moment we are so grateful we have our little girl happy and healthy at home.

A massive thank you to all the staff in the ward, theatre and recovery center at the Brisbane Royal Children's Hospital for helping our little girl see better!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

A second introduction of sorts

As you can see, the Dancing Mummy blog is starting new and fresh.

Pic from Pinterest

After a long absence, I have decided to give this blogging thing another go and actually commit myself to keeping it up.

So for the second time, I introduce myself as Rachael. A working mum of one gorgeous little three year old girl and a wife to a business man at day- rockstar at night. I have a passion of all things vintage, tea cups and pots, fashion, dancing, arts and craft and just generally hanging out with my family.

There is not a certain cliche this blog fits into. In fact, doing research on blogging, I have learned that having no cliche will probably mean my blog will sit in cyberspace unseen and lonely and I will abandon it within a few weeks. I beg to differ. Hopefully.

Dancing Mummy xx